Investing - Get it Right

It is Ok to Need Advice

One day a client was speaking to their accountant about their Self Managed Super Fund. They had a great deal of cash that was sitting in the SMSF's Bank Account. When they asked what they should do with the cash they were told to "buy some blue chip shares". Unfortunately they had no idea what this meant, let alone the process to do it and ultimately manage it - they needed advice.

Michael Phillips Financial Planning believes in several key aspects to investing - get advice to ensure its appropriate for you and what you want to achieve, keep it simple, follow plans and rules not fads and tips and above all - maintain flexibility and a focus for the long term.

It doesnt matter if it is shares, property, fixed interest or the money invested inside your super - have investments which are suitable for what you are trying to achieve. Michael has extensive experience in all forms of investing and ensures all your investment actions are directed toward your ultimate goals.

Michael also believes in giving his clients control over their investments. His advice is not based around simply placing your money into one managed fund and then leaving it there for 20 years.

Michael is also a licenced Real Estate Agent and through Michael Phillips Property Consulting can ensure you get the right advice with any property purchases and can even act as a buyers agent and undertake any negotiation for you.

Shares and Superannaution

For balanced portfolios of shares, property (not direct), fixed interest and cash I use an administrator - Macquarie Wrap. They can administer basic investment, super and SMSF accounts. This allows me to manage the assets and provide a very hands on service to the fund and its investments. Using this service you have to undertake absolutely no administration and at tax time we forward you all the information you need to hand to your Accountant. Each six months we get together to discuss the investments and how they are working in with your overall goal.