Wealth Protection

Wealth protection
If you were to be asked - "What is your most valuable asset?" The majority of average everyday Australians immediately respond with "my home". However is this right?
We all value our material assets such as cars, houses, motor bikes, boats and caravans for example. However what asset do we pocess which is far more valuable then all these - what asset will deliver us all these material goods ten times over duing our lifetime?
Your most valuable asset is in two parts
  1. Your Health
  2. You ability to go out and earn an income.
We all insure the material assets noted above, however we commonly ignore the actual thing that provides these material goods in the first place. Wealth protection (personal insurance) is the foundation of any successful financial plan. Imagine spending years working hard building up your family’s future when a tragic event, which is not even your fault, can bring the whole financial situation to its knees.
MPFP often hears from people, “oh that won’t happen to me” and yet unfortunately hospitals are full of people who shared that exact same view. MPFP urges all Australians to protect themselves, and especially protect those you love by having appropriate levels of insurance.
MPFP provides advice on the following styles of cover
  • Life Insurance
  • Total and Permanent disablement insurance
  • Income Protection
  • Trauma
We can also now insure your children. To ensure that in the terrible event a child falls badly ill, you can receive a payout to cover those medical expenses or substitute an income. We use reputable insurers such as Macquarie, AIA, One Path (ING), Asteron, and Zurich.

Get the right cover structured in the right way for you. Don't be a person who lives 1 illness or 1 injury away from a financial catastrophe.