Financial Planning

Getting the Right Plan for you!

Michael Phillips Financial Planning is operated quite differently from your standard Financial Planning firm. While in many larger firms you can sometimes feel that you are just a number, MPFP prides itself on sharing a very close relationship with clients. We aim for a long term relationship were we work together to achieve your goals.

MPFP is a small business and unlike many institutional advisers, Michael wont get promoted after 6 months or disappear from the role of servicing you. Michael has no sales budgets to achieve, Michael answers only to you - the client. Michael  creates plans based around YOU and YOUR circumstances. Everyone is different and has different needs, goals and objectives.

Financial Planning is not just for wealthy people. MPFP specialises in dealing with everyday Australians help them achieve the outcomes they desire. The key is having the right structures in place to be successful. A structure which can work behinds the scences while you live your life, which can be flexible and work with you at different stages of life and be there to deliver the retirement you desire. Most all of a structure which removes the risks and threats to you achieving your goals.